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ReportsnReports added a new report on The Canada Thermal Power Market report delivers the clean elaborated structure of the Report comprising each and every business related information of the market at a global level. The complete range of information related to the Canada Thermal Power Market is obtained through various sources and this obtained bulk of the information is arranged, processed, and represented by a group of specialists through the application of different methodological techniques and analytical tools such as SWOT analysis to generate a whole set of trade based study regarding the Canada Thermal Power Market.

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Top Companies in this Report:- The City of Calgary, Ontario Power Generation Inc., New Brunswick Power Corp, Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan, Capital Power Corporation, Atco Ltd

“Canada Thermal Power Analysis: Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2019 ” is the latest report from GlobalData, the industry analysis specialists that offer comprehensive information and understanding of the thermal power market in Canada.

The research details power market outlook in Canada (includes thermal, nuclear, large hydro & pumped storage and renewable energy sources) and provides forecasts up to 2030. The report highlights installed capacity and power generation trends from 2010 to 2030 in Canada thermal market. A detailed coverage of renewable energy policy framework governing the market with specific policies pertaining to thermal power is provided in the report. The research also provides company snapshots of some of the major market participants.

Scope of this Report:
The report analyses Canada power market and Canada thermal power market. The scope of the research includes –
– A brief introduction on global carbon emissions and global primary energy consumption.
– An overview on Canada power market, highlighting installed capacity trends (2010-2030), generation trends (2010-2030) and installed capacity split by various renewable power sources in 2018.
– Detailed overview of Canada thermal power market with installed capacity and generation trends and major active and upcoming thermal power projects.
– Deal analysis of Canada thermal power market. Deals are analyzed on the basis of mergers, acquisitions, partnership, asset finance, debt offering, equity offering, private equity (PE) and venture capitalists (VC).
– Key policies and regulatory framework supporting the development of thermal power sources .
– Major contracts and collaborations related to thermal power sector in Canada.
– Snapshots of some of the major market participants in the country.

Reasons to buy this Report-
– The report will enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner.
– Identify key growth and investment opportunities in Canada nuclear power market.
– Facilitate decision-making based on strong historic and forecast data for nuclear power market.
– Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the industry’s growth potential.
– Develop strategies based on the latest regulatory events.
– Identify key partners and business development avenues.
– Understand and respond to your competitors’ business structure, strategy and prospects.

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Table of Contents in this Report:
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2 Introduction
2.1 Carbon Emissions, Global, 2001-2018
2.2 Primary Energy Consumption, Global, 2001-2030
2.3 Report Guidance
3 Power Market, Canada, 2010-2030
3.1 Power Market, Canada, Installed Capacity, 2010-2030
3.1.1 Power Market, Canada, Cumulative Installed Capacity by Fuel Type, 2010-2030
3.1.2 Power Market, Canada, Share in Cumulative Installed Capacity Split by Source Type, 2018 and 2030
3.1.3 Power Market, Canada, Net Capacity Additions by Fuel Type, 2018 and 2030

3.1.4 Power Market, Canada, Comparison of Technologies Based on Installed Capacity, 2018-2030
3.2 Power Market, Canada, Power Generation, 2010-2030
3.2.1 Power Market, Canada, Power Generation by Fuel Type, 2010-2030
3.2.2 Power Market, Canada, Comparison of Technologies Based on Power Generation, 2018-2030
4 Thermal Power Market, Canada
4.1 Thermal Power Market, Canada, Installed Capacity, 2010 – 2030
4.1.1 Thermal Power Market, Canada, Cumulative Installed Capacity Split by Technology, 2010-2030
4.2 Thermal Power Market, Canada, Power Generation, 2010 – 2030
4.3 Thermal Power Market, Canada, Market Size 2018-2020
4.4 Thermal Power Market, Canada, Project Based Analysis, 2018
4.4.1 Coal Power Market, Canada, Top 10 Operational Thermal Power Plants
4.4.2 Oil Power Market, Canada, Top 10 Operational Thermal Power Plants, 2018
4.4.3 Gas Power Market, Canada, Top 10 Operational Thermal Power Plants, 2018

4.4.4 Gas Power Market, Canada, Key Under-construction Projects, 2018
4.5 Thermal Power Market, Canada, Deal Analysis, 2018
4.5.1 Thermal Power Market, Canada, Deal Volume vs. Deal Value, 2010-2018
4.5.2 Thermal Power Market, Canada, Split by Deal Type, 2018
5 Renewable Framework, Canada
5.1 Recent Pan Canadian Framework Actions
5.2 Federal Programs
5.2.1 New Federal Tax Policy
5.2.2 Federal Incentive Programs
5.2.3 Program of Energy Research and Development
5.2.4 Office of Energy Research and Development (OERD)
5.2.5 Clean Energy Innovation Program
5.2.6 Provincial Incentives
6 Thermal Power Market, Canada, Company Profiles
6.1 Company Snapshot: The City of Calgary
6.1.1 The City of Calgary – Company Overview
6.1.2 The City of Calgary – Business Description
6.1.3 The City of Calgary – SWOT Analysis
6.1.4 The City of Calgary – Major Products and Services
6.1.5 The City of Calgary – Head Office
6.2 Company Snapshot: Ontario Power Generation Inc.
6.2.1 Ontario Power Generation Inc. – Company Overview

6.2.2 Ontario Power Generation Inc. – Business Description
6.2.3 Ontario Power Generation Inc. – SWOT Analysis
6.2.4 Ontario Power Generation Inc. – Major Products and Services
6.2.5 Ontario Power Generation Inc. – Head Office
6.3 Company Snapshot: New Brunswick Power Corp
6.3.1 New Brunswick Power Corp – Company Overview
6.3.2 New Brunswick Power Corp – Business Description
6.3.3 New Brunswick Power Corp – SWOT Analysis
6.3.4 New Brunswick Power Corp – Major Products and Services
6.3.5 New Brunswick Power Corp – Head Office
6.4 Company Snapshot: Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan
6.4.1 Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan – Company Overview
6.4.2 Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan – Business Description
6.4.3 Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan – Major Products and Services
6.4.4 Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan – Head Office
6.5 Company Snapshot: Capital Power Corporation
6.5.1 Capital Power Corporation – Company Overview
6.5.2 Capital Power Corporation – Business Description
6.5.3 Capital Power Corporation – SWOT Analysis
6.5.4 Capital Power Corporation – Major Products and Services
6.5.5 Capital Power Corporation – Head Office
6.6 Company Snapshot: Atco Ltd
6.6.1 Atco Ltd – Company Overview
6.6.2 Atco Ltd – Business Description
6.6.3 Atco Ltd – SWOT Analysis
6.6.4 Atco Ltd – Major Products and Services
6.6.5 Atco Ltd – Head Office
7 Appendix

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