Brine Concentration Technology (BCT) Market Industry Outlook, Future Trends, Insights

“Rising demand from mining and chemical industry application to fuel brine concentration technology market”

The brine concentration technology market is projected to reach USD21.1 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 6.0% during the forecast period. The increasing use of brine concentration technology in processing different chemicals drives the market. In addition, the mining industry produces a huge amount of wastewater that needs proper treatment before disposal to reduce the environmental impact. Brine concentration technology is used to treat wastewater and extract any valuable metals and dissolved solids from the wastewater, thus reducing the waste generated.

“Mechanical vapor compression technology accounts for the second-largest market share in 2022”

Mechanical vapor compression technology is used for a wide range of processes like desalination, ethanol production, chemical processing, and refrigeration, among others. The advantage of using this technology is its efficiency and low operating cost. It can be used to separate a wide range of solvents, making it versatile. In addition, it has a minimal environmental impact since it does not require any solvent or chemicals and hence does not produce any waste or emission. Companies such as Veolia Water Technologies and IDE Technologies are using this technology, increasing market demand.

“Sodium chloride is expected to be the second-fastest growing type for brine concentration technology market during the forecast period, in terms of value.”

Sodium chloride is used in various processes, including food seasoning, water softening, de-icing, and chemical production. It is also used in the medical industry for intravenous injections, animal nutrition, and oil and gas drilling. It has its uses in the textile and tanning industry and is used for making fertilizers. These are the driving factors for the growing demand.

“Based on region, Asia Pacific was the largest market for brine concentration technology in 2022, in terms of value.”

Asia Pacific was the largest market for global brine concentration technology, in terms of value, in 2021. The market in Asia Pacific is driven by innovation, namely industrial expansion and technological developments, along with the increasing environmental impact and water scarcity in the region. The improving global economy is expected to boost market growth. China is a dominant market player in the Asia Pacific for the brine concentration technology market. However, the high use of brine concentration technology in various regional end-use industries will make the Indian market witness high growth during the forecast period.

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