Chlor-Alkali Market History, Overview and Future Developments by 2026 Analysis and Forecast

Latest research report on “Chlor-Alkali Market by Type (Caustic Soda (Alumina, Chemicals, Textiles, Soaps & Detergents), Chlorine (EDC/PVC, Isocyanates, Propylene Oxide, C1/C2 Aromatics), Soda Ash (Glass, Water Treatment, Metallurgy, Pulp & Paper)), Region – Global Forecast to 2026” now available at high quality database of with market size, share, trends, competitive and statistical analysis.

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The application of the Chlor-alkali products are majority diverse in nature and are employed in various end-use industries. The rapid growth of the chemical industry across the globe and rising demand for water and wastewater treatment are predicted to drive the market growth during the estimated period. Therefore, The global Chlor-alkali market is predicted to reach from $63.2 billion in 2021 to $77.4 billion at the highest CAGR of 4.1% in 2026.

The Chlor-alkali process is energy intensive and also electricity accounts for about 40-50% of production cost. Rise from emerging countries and steady recovery of the automotive sector are opportunities in the Chlor-alkali market. The major chlor-alkali products are chlorine, caustic soda, and soda ash. The main technologies employed in the Chlor-alkali process are membrane cell, diaphragm cell, and mercury cell for the production of chlorine and caustic soda. Chlorine and caustic soda are produced by the electrolysis of the aqueous solution of sodium chloride (common salt or NaCl). Soda ash is produced by the extraction and refining of trona ore (natural) and also through the Solvay process (synthetic).

Prominent players operating in the market are Tata Chemicals Limited (India), Formosa Plastics Corporation (Taiwan), Tosoh Corporation (Japan), Hanwha Solutions Corporation (South Korea), Nirma Limited (India), AGC, Inc. (Japan), Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co. Ltd. (China), and others.

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The break-up of primary interviews is given below:

  • By Company Type – Tier 1 – 52%, Tier 2 – 26%, and Tier 3 – 22%
  • By Designation – C level – 48%, Director level – 23%, and Others* – 29%
  • By Region – North America– 21%, Europe – 25%, APAC – 44%, and Others**- 10%

Based on the application segment, alumina is the largest segment for caustic soda in the Chlor-alkali market. Caustic soda is utilized in the process of the extraction of aluminum from bauxite ore. First, it dissolves the bauxite ore, which is the raw material in aluminum production. Moreover, the pure alumina is separated from the bauxite ore. Finally, the aluminum collected is further subjected to calcination. APAC is the largest market of Chlor-Alkali, followed by Europe and North America. The demand for caustic soda is estimated to be driven by the shifting base of industrial production to the APAC; the rising population and the need for infrastructure in this region are propelling the market in this region.

In 2020, APAC was the largest Chlor-Alkali market. Rising investment in infrastructure development projects, rapid industrialization, growing urbanization, improving the standard of living, thriving automotive sector, and high economic growth are vital factors for the region’s overall growth. In addition, the strengthening economy of countries such as China and India attracts new investments from global manufacturers. As a result, the APAC Chlor-alkali market is expected to see rising demand from the chemical, water treatment, PVC, glass, metallurgy, and soap & detergents, among other sectors.

The glass segment of the Chlor-alkali market is the largest segment based on applications for Soda Ash. Soda ash is a vital component in glass manufacturing. Glass is produced by melting silica soda ash approximately 15% of the total weight of the glass and calcium compounds, along with coloring agents and metallic oxidizers. It is utilized in the production of various types of glass like flat glass, including sheet glass, figured & wired glass, float glass, safety glass and mirror, glass hollowware & containers, vacuum flasks, laboratory glassware, and fiberglass. Glass products are widely utilized in automotive, packaging, laboratory, household, and other industrial applications.

The EDC/PVC is the largest segment by applications for Chlorine in the Chlor-alkali market.  The PVC industry finds significant applications in the construction, electronics, healthcare, automotive, packaging, and other end-use industries. Its low cost and desirable physical & mechanical properties make it a suitable material was various applications.  Growth in the PVC industry further expects to drive the demand for chlorine in the Chlor-alkali market.

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