Latest News: Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Market by Component (Interrogator Units, Visualization Software), Fiber Type (Single-mode Fiber and Multimode fiber)

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The Global Distributed Acoustic Sensing Market is estimated to grow from USD 462 Million in 2020 to USD 792 Million by 2025; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.4% during the forecast period.

Top Companies Profiled in the Distributed Acoustic Sensing Market:

  • Schlumberger (US)
  • Halliburton (US)
  • Baker Hughes (US)
  • OptaSense (UK)
  • Future Fibre Technologies (Australia)
  • Fotech Solutions (UK)
  • Bandweaver (China)
  • Hifi Engineering (Canada)
  • Omnisens (Switzerland)
  • Silixa (UK)
  • Aragon Photonics (Spain)
  • Solifos (Switzerland)
  • Febus Optics (France)
  • ofs (US)
  • fibrisTerre (Germany)
  • Senstar (Canada)
  • AP Sensing (Germany)
  • G. Baker Americas (US)
  • Fibre Completion Services (Canada)
  • Yokogawa Electric (Japan)
  • NKT Photonics (Denmark)
  • Weatherford (US)
  • Cementys (France)
  • Fiber SenSys (US)


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“Market for DAS systems using multimode fiber to grow at higher CAGR during forecast period”

Multimode fibers are mostly used for distributes temperature sensing (DTS) applications however, they can be used for DAS systems as well. Multimode fibers are utilized in a few specialized down hole operations (such as operations in tight gas wells and hydraulic fracturing operations) in oilfields. Although multimode fibers have a lower range, they can eliminate signal fading.


“Hardware component to hold largest share of DAS market in 2020”

There are two primary hardware components used in a DAS system: optical fiber cable and interrogator unit. The interrogator unit is much more expensive compared to fiber-optic cables if the overall hardware cost is taken into account. DAS systems being used to monitor large distances in thousands of kilometers require the deployment of several interrogator units as well as optical fiber cables to cover such large distances.

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