Latest News: Gas-insulated Switchgear Market “Estimated to Reach US$ 26.5 Billion by 2025”

The Global Gas-Insulated Switchgear Market is projected to grow from USD 16.9 Billion in 2020 to USD 26.5 Billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 9.5%.


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Top Companies Profiled n the Gas-insulated Switchgear Market:

  • ABB (Switzerland)
  • Schneider Electric (France)
  • Siemens (Germany)
  • Eaton Corporation (Ireland)
  • General Electric (US)


The SF6 segment is anticipated to constitute the majority of the gas-insulated switchgear market share. A gas-insulated switchgear uses the dielectric gas sulfur hexafluoride, also known as SF6, at moderate pressure for phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground insulation. High-voltage conductors, interrupters, circuit breakers, switches, voltage transformers, and current transformers are in SF6 inside a metal enclosure.


SF6 gas has been used as the standard gas inside high-voltage electrical equipment as an arc-quenching and insulating medium; however, it is not environmentally friendly. SF6 is also listed by the Kyoto Protocol as an extremely potent greenhouse gas, with 23,500 times the comparative global warming potential of CO2.


Table Of Contents:

1 Introduction

1.1 Study Objectives

1.2 Definition

1.2.1 Gas-Insulated Switchgear Market, By Voltage Rating: Inclusions & Exclusions

1.2.2 Gas-Insulated Switchgear Market, By Installation: Inclusions & Exclusions

1.2.3 Gas-Insulated Switchgear Market, By End User: Inclusions & Exclusions

1.3 Market Scope

1.3.1 Markets Covered

1.3.2 Regional Scope

1.3.3 Years Considered

1.4 Currency

1.5 Limitations

1.6 Stakeholders

1.7 Summary Of Changes

1.7.1 Demand Has Not Increased As Expected


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2 Research Methodology

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