Latest News: Supercapacitor Market with COVID-19 Impact Analysis by Type (Electric Double-layered Capacitors, Pseudocapacitors, Hybrid Capacitors)

The Supercapacitor Market is projected to grow from USD 409 Million in 2020 to USD 720 Million by 2025; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.0% from 2020 to 2025.

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Top Companies Profiled in the Supercapacitor Market:

  • Tesla (US)
  • Nippon Chemi-Con (Japan)
  • CAP-XX (Australia)
  • LS Mtron (South Korea)
  • Panasonic (Japan)
  • Eaton (US)
  • Cornell-Dubilier (US)
  • Ioxus (US)
  • NAWA Technologies (France)
  • Paper Battery Company (US)
  • Skeleton Technologies (Estonia)
  • SPEL Technologies (India)


“The electric double-layered capacitors segment accounted for the largest share of the supercapacitor market in 2019.”

Electric double-layered capacitors are being used as an alternative to conventional batteries. They work excellently in all those applications, where a stable supply of energy is required over a short period of time.In consumer electronics applications such as smart wearables, computers, laptops, and foldable phones, electric double-layered capacitors are replacing conventional batteries.


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“The automotive segmentis projected to account for the largest share of the supercapacitor market during the forecast period.”

The advent of electric vehicles has increased the demand for supercapacitors in the automotive sector. A number of automobile manufacturers across the world are eventually switching from battery-powered electric vehicles to supercapacitor-powered electric vehicles owing to the high scalability and broad operating temperature range offered by supercapacitors.


Table of Contents:

1 Introduction

1.1 Study Objectives

1.2 Market Definition And Scope

1.3 Inclusions And Exclusions

1.4 Study Scope

1.4.1 Markets Covered

1.4.2 Years Considered

1.5 Currency

1.6 Limitations

1.7 Market Stakeholders


2 Research Methodology

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